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So what is #JEDCHAT anyway?

I hope that something historic will happen on Wednesday night.At 9 PM, the very first Twitter chat devoted to Jewish educators (as far as I am aware) will take place. There are many people out there on Twitter and in social media who are quite excited about this development.But, at the suggestion of Ken Gordon from PEJE, I would like to take a step back and briefly explain what #JEDCHAT is. Twitter is a phenomenal tool for learning from others across all backgrounds (to learn more about using Twitter, check out Ken’s excellence tutorial post here). Personally, Twitter opened my eyes to a whole world of outstanding educators, both in the Jewish community and beyond, who are doing wonderful things in their schools. Reading their posts and communicating with them has been both inspirational and practically rewarding, as I  am constantly learning about new approaches to education. It was a particular thrill to meet some of the Twitter educational “rock stars” in person at the ISTE convention in June. There was a real sense of greeting a friend, even though we were meeting face to face for the first time. I consider my connections on Twitter to be part of what is called a “PLN” or Personal Learning Network. These are the people I can turn to with a question large or small, and who are always interested in sharing what they have learned with me.So what is #jedchat? Well, one fairly common activity on Twitter among educators is the “Twitter Chat.” The most famous of these is called #edchat. It is so named because that is the hashtag that is used by people participating in that chat. It takes place on Tuesdays at noon and 7 pm EST (the 2 times accommodate participants in the US and Europe). If you would do a quick search on twitter for “#edchat,” you would see a whole bunch of tweets centering around an eduction discussion. Check out this page from Cybraryman for a list of all the regular education chats happening each week.

Well, that’s what we hope to accomplish with #jedchat (I am honored to be working with and inspired by 2 absolutely phenomenal educators and technology rock stars, Rabbi Akevy Greenblatt and Rabbi Meir Wexler, in trying to get this project going). Scheduled for Wednesday evenings at 9:00 PM EST, the vision is that twitter can become a place for Jewish education stakeholders of all backgrounds and denominations can come together to collaborate and share stories of success from their own communities. Through coming together, we create an even more tightly knit network of Jewish educators, and as you expand your PLN, you can come to rely on these fellow educators for support and advice.

The ground rules are simple:

We agree we will:
  • Be honest and respectful with people of all backgrounds.
  • Welcome all Jewish education stakeholders
  • Provide quality and professional Jewish education related tweets/posts/links.
  • Tweet in a respectful and professional manner.

Every week, we hope to focus the chat on a particular topic. For the opening chat, the topic will be: What can we do with #JEDCHAT and how can we develop a Judaic PLN with active participants? So, at 9 PM EST on Wednesday night, get comfy in front of your laptop or iPad, and join us in connecting Jewish educators from the around the world. It is recommended that you use a twitter client like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite which will keep the chat more organized, but works as well.  Be sure to tweet using the #jedchat hashtag so that your voice can be heard in the chat! See you there!