My #YouthCon 12 Presentation – “The Connected Educator”

Dov Emerson presenting at YouthCon12, photo by Miriam Brosseau

Wow – YouthCon 2012 was unbelievable. What a great conference! It was such a thrill to see the culture of sharing and collaboration spreading across our field. My presentation was titled “The Connected Educator: Tech Tools for Growing as Educators and for Effective Teaching in the Classroom.”

My presentation focused on two elements of being a “Connected Educator.” Firstly, I spoke about the value of a PLN, or Personal Learning Network. This is a network of fellow educators that one can develop by making connections online through social media outlets like Twitter. I have found my PLN to be an incredible valuable resource, and we discussed some of the ways a teacher can begin developing their own.

The second part of the presentation focused on tech tools that can be used in the classroom as well as by the teacher to keep organized and on top of new educational developments. What’s great about most of these tools is that they are either free or very low cost.

I used Prezi, an online format for creating dynamic presentations, to present my material. I also distributed a ‘Cheat Sheet’ which included all of the resources and links contained in my presentation.

I am including both the Prezi and the Cheat Sheet in this post – hope you enjoy it! Would love to hear your feedback!

Link to the Cheat Sheet (Google Doc)

Link to the Prezi


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